About Us

The Indian Energy sector is one of the highest potential areas where the country has witnessed a rapid growth. It is one of the major drivers of a growing economy like India. Areas like the resource exploration and exploitation, capacity additions, and energy sector reforms have been revolutionized. Prerana Energy Corporation Private Limited has dynamically engaged pioneering projects in this exciting world of Indian renewable energy sector. The prospects in this sector are abundant.

"Energy Independence" to any country is vital for the growth of it's economy. With uncontrolled population explosion, more people will gain access to energy that opens up portal for higher standards of living. While conventional energy sources continue to remain the backbone of the power sector, India has also recognized the "global" need of the hour. It has augmented it's renewable capacities year by year!

Prerana Energy Corporation Private Limited, a colossus of great reputation is an expert in the making in the zones of power generation, transmission and distribution, to feed the "Energy Hungry" India, by adding MW's to GW's of power in the years to come. We comprehend the criticality in coping with the power demands and its crucial role in assuring the energy security of India. This spurs us to create and implement, excellent & highly efficient power solutions for a "power full" India.

Our company has been set up to develop, construct and operate power projects both in India as well as internationally. We have been actively pursuing opportunities to set up solar, wind, thermal and hydro based power plants under the various schemes of the Indian Energy sector. We believe that our exertions will help India achieve "Energy Independence" in the near future. We also are strongly committed to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and it's carbon footprint. We plan to achieve our goals with out-of-box thinking, innovative operational procedures and a hankering for trendsetting.

Over the next few years the major focus/ thrust would be to emerge as a leader in the Indian Renewable Energy sector and at the same time to augment it's capacities.